Wednesday, 11 March 2015

It has been a while since I last wrote garbage

[some fancy-looking hand gestures]

"It's like this; one bends while the other stands up straight not touching the other."

"Your point is?"

"This one right here..." [shakes the bent right hand] " leaning towards the other. But this one right here..." [shakes the other hand] " not showing anything. It isn't responding. In life, it should be..." [bends both hands that they touch] " this. So that it works."

"It's not that the second one isn't responding, you know? Maybe, it just seems like it isn't. But it is. Maybe not purely out of love, love. It could be something else. Do you get me?"

[both inhale and let out deep sighs]

"But it's like you're carrying a backpack with a huge container in it... And it's empty."


"Well, it's huge. It looks like it's gonna help, but it's fucking empty. You could've had space for more good, useful things. But you're holding on to this container that's weighing you down."

"...Well. Shit. That's a pretty good analogy."

[both just laugh it off]