Saturday, 1 November 2014

When did I change so much?

I am not going to lie. My school years were one of the best years.

That was me back in 2012. Though being super chubby, at least I was really happy. I used to be that girl, and now I've changed. Where did that girl go? I used to be daring, so innocent, and I wrote almost every day, despite having SPM and other things to do. I used to not give a shit, but now I care so much, I think so much. I was busy then, but I did manage to write, to let go and to really feel. I wrote to my best friend, to my parents, to my loved ones and importantly, to myself. I always made it a point to write. Now, not so much, and I find that devastating. 

I know writing is in my veins. Writing make me so happy. I should not stop.

My favorite comment that I got earlier this week was, "Oh and do you blog/write? You have an interesting way of arranging your thoughts. :-)" I just- That made me feel some kind of way, that made me have happy, dancing glitters in my heart.